my light

Hi! I'm Kimberley - This is my happy place ... my light!


Photography is the piece of my puzzle that I didn’t realise I was missing. It followed me throughout my travels but it wasn’t until I became a mother that my passion for capturing the everyday really started to have meaning.   I wasn’t just taking a record of where I had been.  I was documenting life, creating a story and my images had impact, not just for me but for my boys. It gave them a sense of belonging and brought their childhood to life.  


Holding a camera, taking photos, looking for the light, it felt natural ... like I was coming home.


When I’m not in mum mode or looking through the viewfinder, you’ll find me enjoying a coffee (or wine, or chocolate ... I'm not fussy), catching up on a good Netflix series (Mindhunter is our latest) and being the voice of logic, a sounding board and a cheerleader to my mum squad.


I am calm, generous and stubborn. 


Still want to know more? Here are a few quirky facts about me:


  • Before the boys came along I was a gamer, yep I am a nerd, I loved getting absorbed in a good RPG and would team up with my husband in Battlefield.

  • My absolute favourite food is chocolate, which is the number 1 reason I’m still holding onto that ‘baby’ weight.

  • I’m the person you go to if you want to get stuff done, my husband often refers to me as the ‘fixer’ (for those who have watched House of Cards) but in all seriousness I am the crisis catcher.

  • I am more than happy with my own company, the biggest challenge I faced when I became a mum was my lack of alone time, I was not prepared for having my personal space completely and utterly obliterated.

  • I am a hopeless romantic! I love rom-coms, period films and musicals. 

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