Hi! I'm Kimberley - This is my happy place ... my light!


Photography has followed me throughout my life, during my travels and life’s adventures I always had a camera in my hand.  But it wasn’t until I became a mother that my passion for capturing the everyday really started to have meaning.   I wasn’t just taking a record of where I had been, I was documenting life.  Capturing their story and my images had impact, not just for me but for my boys as well. It gave them a sense of belonging and brought their childhood to life.  


Holding a camera, taking photos, looking for the light, it felt natural ... like I was coming home.


When I’m not in mum mode or looking through the viewfinder, you’ll find me enjoying a coffee (or wine, or chocolate ... I'm not fussy), catching up on a good TV series and being the voice of logic, a sounding board and a cheerleader to my mum squad.


I am calm, practical and determined. 


But if you want to know more, here are a few odd facts about me:


  • Before the boys I was/am (when time allows) a gamer, yep I am a nerd!  I love getting absorbed in a good RPG just as much as I love getting into a good book or TV show.

  • ​​I love to cook and spend most of my home time in the kitchen, the boys are starting to enjoy helping me but mostly they just like to try to steal a taste!

  • ​​I am more than happy with my own company, the biggest challenge I faced when I became a mum was my lack of alone time, I was not prepared for having my personal space completely and utterly obliterated.

  • ​I am a hopeless romantic! I love rom-coms, period films and musicals.  When I was younger, I had the entire Von Trapp Family from the Sound of Music as my imaginary friends and would spend my days reciting the entire movie.

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