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Updated: Jun 9, 2019

If there is one thing that natural light, real life photographers love it’s a sun drenched master bedroom. And this in home family session truly delivered!

Not only was there an abundance of natural light but I was greeted by two very cheeky, very gorgeous little girls doing everything in their power to avoid being dressed. I had barely walked through the door and my camera was out of the bag capturing the laughter and playful antics as they dodged and wriggled avoiding their clothes. These are the moments that I absolutely love and make for great memories.

Once everyone was dressed and while they were happy we took advantage of their playful nature to get some family shots. I always ask my families to play, pretend that I’m not there and just be in the moment with your kiddies. The Stevens family sure delivered on the ‘play’ element and the results speak for themselves. Fun, laughter, tickles and a whole lot of love!

We also took this opportunity to recreate a couple of photos taken during Miss A’s newborn session. Focusing on the families hands and feet to make something truly special. I love recreating family favourites that show how our families grow over time.

It was also Miss A’s birthday a couple of weeks before the session so I had brought a small gift along, note to self - do not give a gift before a family session! Miss A was very impressed with her Fairy Door and needed it to be built straight away. So in true ‘follow their lead’ style we all went off to build a fairy door. This exercise made for some lovely real life photos and kept the little people in good spirits.

We had done pretty well so far to avoid any cranky pants but Miss I was starting to get a little testy so it was family dance off time!

And I often finish off an in home session with some family reading time. It’s a great way to get everyone to wind down and get a few quiet photographs.

I’m often amazed how much you can fit into a family photography session. Busy little people make for some great moments and some amazing photos.

Your full password protected gallery is now available for preview. If you'd like more information on a family photography session please get in touch.

Thanks for having me Stevens Family! I cant wait for our next session!

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