Baby Grace

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Baby Grace how precious you are!

I was so lucky to be invited into Lisa and Chris’s home to welcome their second baby and first daughter during a gorgeous in Home Newborn lifestyle session. I love in home session, especially for babies. They are relaxed, comfortable and really capture life with a newborn.

I was also really lucky to meet Grace’s big brother, Callum (and his dinosaurs!). This little guy started out saying ‘no photo’ but it didn’t take long for him to warm up to this new person in his space.

But the absolute best moment was this right here ...

The first cuddle and first kiss between brother and sister. These moments melt my heart, there are no words for how precious this time is with a young family.

When I photograph babies I love to capture all angles, and focus on the tiny details. The hands and toes, their sleepy little face and everything in between.

Thank you for sharing these special moments for me, I loved everything about this in Home Newborn session and am so excited to share your gallery with you.

If you’d like information on my Bump, Birth & Baby Packages please get in touch, I’d love to celebrate your new arrival with you.

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