Baby Darcy

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

What a relaxed little dude you are and at only 9 days only you where an absolute treat to photograph in a recent Newborn Photography session.

All My Newborn photography sessions take place in the home, this means that you can relax throughout the session and allow me to capture those everyday moments that make welcoming a new baby home so special. There is absolutely no pressure on you and your new family to do anything other than what comes naturally, which makes for some truly special photos.

It's also great for families with older kids because there is no pressure on them to sit still and pose for a lengthy period of time. They can come and go as they please and it means that when they are involved in the photos they are really interested in being there. These two big brothers where so incredibly doting of their new baby brother, it was cuddles and kisses galore!

Darcy was so chilled out the whole time that I had plenty of opportunities to capture every teeny tiny detail, I love to photography tiny hands, feet, ears, noses, hair ... every little part of their tiny baby-ness.

The most posing I'll request of my families are sitting together, in a spot filled with lovely light, and chat or laugh or tickle and enjoy a few minutes of time together. And with two active big brothers a few minutes is all you get!

Then it's time for some for the Big kids to take a well earned snack break and for mum and dad to get in the mix. The thing I love most is seeing how at ease babies are in the arms of their parents, they just melt into the cuddles.

So many precious moments from the Newborn Photography Session, and the full password protected gallery is now available for viewing. Thank you so much for having me and I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!

If you'd like more information about a Newborn Photography Session please get in touch.

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