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Updated: Jun 9, 2019

The Rodrigues Family Photography Session was an absolute delight! Photographing such a gorgeous family makes my job very easy and this family played, laughed and smiled the whole time during this Family Photography Session.

Being a beautiful sunny day, this in home session utilised their backyard that had lots of natural light but was also well shaded to avoid harsh shadows or glare from the sun, perfect for natural light photographers like me. It was the perfect backdrop and being a smaller backyard it just goes to show that even a smaller outdoor space can be the perfect backdrop for some family photos.

I love doing in home sessions. When little people are in an environment that they feel comfortable in, the more in control they feel the more willing they are to welcome an outsider into their space. This makes for some great moments, plus allows me to capture some of their favourite things. Miss I was more than willing to show me her baby and gave a great child lead opportunity to capture her doing something she loves to do.

Mr O, as a typical 3yo, was all energy showing off his bike riding and ball kicking skills, he was a bundle of energy and was full of laughs and expression.

All my family session have some time dedicated to play, for little people this is usually lots of tickling, spinning, throwing and lots of cuddles, something these guys embraced wholeheartedly. They still hold the highest throw record with this shot ...

As things wind down, I often encourage some quiet time at the end of a session and with little people that usually means books! Books allow for some great, still, family photos. They encourage talking, expression and lots of cuddles.

What better way to end a fun filled family photography session. Your password protected gallery is available to view all photographs from this session.

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